JCI-Jesus Christ Incarnation

THE GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST!  This section is about the person of Jesus Christ.  We will look at Incarnation and what it means to be fully human and fully God in what is called the hypostatic union.  For the work of Jesus Christ, or the atonement, look to the section titled salvation.  It is best to think of Jesus Christ as a whole instead of breaking it down into parts.  Birth, life, person, death, work, resurrection, ascension, second person of the Trinity, and Son of God would be the whole.  For simple teachings, We will look at the person of Christ here.  JOHN 1:14 says it best- AND THE WORD BECAME FLESH AND DWELT AMONG US, AND WE HAVE SEEN HIS GLORY, GLORY AS OF THE ONLY SON FROM THE FATHER, FULL OF GRACE AND TRUTH.  Jesus Christ is a mystery revealed by God.  We can know some things about the incarnation and other things we can’t understand.  It is best to keep this in mind and look for the boundaries that are revealed in this mystery.  Jesus is the Messiah, he is the Lamb and the Lion, and he mediates before Our Father for us.  Jesus teaches us to love- a love for him and for each other.  When we are in Jesus Christ, we abide in him and bear fruit for him.  Praise the Lord Jesus Christ with all our hearts, minds, and spirits!  He is the Light of Life!